When you’re born into the industry, you have a HUGE edge on the competition!

Wind Mitigations  4Point Inspections  Roof Certificates

Considering buying a house in Monroe (the Florida Keys) county in South Florida?

Then we need to talk. A home is one of the largest investments most people will make in their lifetime, and you want to choose one that will provide you with years of happiness not headaches. You’d hate to find out after you’ve spent all that money that the house isn’t everything it seems. You want confidence in your buying decision. That’s where we come in by providing you a quality home inspection of over 35 years in the building industry (Family Business). We also perform Wind Mitigations, 4Point Inspections and Roof Certificates

We are the TRUE EXPERTS when it also comes to MOLD! Don’t be fooled by HYPE! Call us AFTER you have called others ….. you will be glad you did!

We’re South Florida’s House Doctors

Countywide Home Inspections conducts thorough evaluations of area homes. We give you the facts you need to make an educated decision. Think of us as “house doctors.” We’ll do a complete physical, checking every detail inside and out. If we can’t give your home a clean bill of health, we’ll diagnose any problems and tell you exactly what remedies to consider.

Join Us for the Home Inspection & Wind Mitigations

We encourage you to accompany us your the home inspection and wind mitigation. We’ll be able to point out any areas of concern, answer your questions, and also make suggestions regarding maintenance. We will even work around your schedule to conduct the inspection when it’s most convenient for you. Service service service!!!

South Florida Home Inspection Reports 

In addition to a verbal report about your home, Countywide Home Inspections will provide you with a full printed report on the spot or the next morning. You’ll have specific, detailed information about your home’s condition and a summary cover sheet listing all problem areas.

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